C&C Testimonials


Feminist Business School was a life changing experience. I learned so much about the economy, business, feminism. But most importantly, I learned about myself — how to treat myself with greater care and how to love myself more completely. If you feel out of place in the Capitalist economy, you'll likely feel at home here.
—Tina C.

Concepts & Conception was the space and content I needed to go deep inside to create a legacy business. This experience activated my dormant Black feminist, annihilated self-doubt and put me the path to co-creating a business that builds restorative practices into business models, operations, processes.
—Teena L.

I've studied business at Oxford but what I learned at Feminist Business School feels more real and more radical.
—Bea K.

Feminist Business School is the kind of experience that nurtures, inspires and gives energy to what I felt was possible for myself and my business. Each week, the content revealed a connection to what was happening around me and in my day-to-day. I was able to take those insights and begin experimenting with how I could build a business and build the kind of life and relationships I wanted to have as a feminist entrepreneur. I see business differently. I see myself and my capacity to be a leader differently. Being in Feminist Business School has shown me that Yes, a business can be feminist and embodying feminine principles is a practice that can be realized. The depth and richness of this course with Jennifer—and the amazing cohort—is what I needed to both ground me and nourish me in ways no other business training has been able to do.
—Denise B.

Feminist Business School was a life-changing experience. I was close to give up on my own business, because it was taking all my energy and pushing me towards burnout. Concepts & Conception introduced a new way of thinking and fueled ideas about what a business can be. It was educational, empowering and inspiring. It helped me reconnect with myself – with both my body and spirit. I now feel calm, strong and ready to start being in business in a new way. My way. I am so grateful for this experience.
—Emy W.

If you're interested in building a meaningful business that is true to your personal values and core objectives, I couldn't recommend Concepts & Conception more.
—Camilah H.

Before embarking on Concepts and Conception I felt totally out of alignment with my business and my values and who I was as a human. Something wasn't right. I felt like scattered puzzle pieces that were missing all of their corresponding edges. I think I'm still processing how much of a transformation I went through during this class. It's huge. And now I'm aligned with (and in love with) my business. I feel like I'm grounded in my work and ready to move forward with all of my values and tools in tow. Thank you, Sister!
—Hillary R.

Feminist Business School was the best time/money/energy I've spent on myself ever. Thanks and praises to Sister for providing such an invaluable education and helping me fully realize and reclaim my power. I highly recommend FBS classes to anybody who finds themselves in business, wanting to be in business, or thoroughly dissatisfied with the current zero-sum politics of the Capitalist patriarchy we live under and wanting to enact change. It's work, it's challenging, but it's more than worth it.
—Nicol H.

Concepts & Conception was an amazing experience! I learned so much and had deeply profound shifts around money, how I value myself, and my understanding of feminism, Capitalism, and business. I was afraid to get my hopes up too high, but this class truly exceeded my expectations, and surprised me with its depth (and it was fun!). I recommend you take this course, and really commit to it, because it is an experience that will transform you if you let it.
—Stephanie K.

This is the most money I've ever spent on an online course. The content has been worth every cent. By far the best online business course I've done, and I've done many!
—Jacqueline C.

Jenn helps up gather tools OUTSIDE the patriarchy, so we can tear it down with some efficacy. We have been so disembodied that we have picked up the tools of the patriarchy to survive. This is about rediscovering our resilience, our natural resources, ourselves; and in doing so, we find the strength to create a new way of being in the world and in business.
—Caitlin M. 

If growing a business is like growing a garden, then Feminist Business School is like taking out all the barren sands of patriarchal, scarcity-based business values and replacing all the Stockholm Syndrome propaganda with nutrient-rich, fertile, potent, soil based on intuition, compassion, mindfulness, interconnectivity, collaboration, and joy—and then feeling fully capable of growing out of that soil a lush and vibrant rainforest that will heal the planet and all its inhabitants.
— Yumi S.