Sister is located in Topanga Canyon, California.
We work with people near and far.

We are actively seeking small-wave surf buddies near Malibu. Inquire within.


*Your time is valuable and so is ours. Please do not ask us to do things for free. We promise to return the favor.


JENNIFER ARMBRUST is the founder and director of Sister. She cultivates teaching and tools for the feminine economy, practices embodied business, and runs Feminist Business School. Her work explores the collisions and collusions of art, business, gender, embodiment and economics.

Armbrust has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, as owner or partner of 5 businesses. She has been advising entrepreneurs since 2012.

Formerly the proprietor and director of a fine art gallery, founding partner of an online arts magazine, managing director of an arts nonprofit, principal of a small interactive design studio, and head of her own creative consultancy, Armbrust has long been interested in the intersections of business and art and more recently, business as art. 

She holds a degree in Critical Theory from The Evergreen State College with continuing studies in small business administration (Portland Community College), interactive design (Pacific Northwest College of Art), and healing arts (Lotus Lantern Healing Arts). She lives in Topanga Canyon, California, where she is lovingly devoted to surfing 3-foot right point breaks, while dreaming of the elusive left.