Spotlight: Ange Meyer

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ANGE MEYER is the Founder and Co-Director of Double Denim, a New Zealand agency that build brands and boost profits with female-focused strategies and campaigns, and Ace Lady Network. Ange took Concepts & Conception in 2018. We checked in with her a year later to hear how Feminist Business School impacted her business.

How did Feminist Business School change your business in a significant way?

When we started Double Denim and the Ace Lady Network we knew we wanted them to be different from the “J-curve growth”, “go hard or go home” hyper-masculine start-up world. For us, success has always been about balance and making sure we had time for our families and ourselves. Stumbling across Sister on Insta was perfect timing, I think I searched “feminist business” and there it was!

Concepts & Conception provided me with an alternative framework to approach our business, one that rang true to me. It was a total treat to spend the 8 weeks deep-diving into feminist theory, unpacking why I think the way I do about business, transforming my relationship to money and the earth and my body and my business. Every week I got more excited by the course work!

It has truly given me the confidence to work towards making equality a reality.

What parts of the course were most valuable?

I loved the consulting sessions I had with Jenn. As a founder it can get a bit lonely, not many people ask me how I am doing. Jenn did, and I loved it.

I also loved that Jenn has an art and entrepreneurial background. I do too and it is pretty rare to find that in the business community. I like the way she frames things; from an academic, practical, feminist perspective. It’s a great mix of heart and smart.

Who would you recommend Feminist Business School for?

I’ve recommended Concepts & Conception to so many people, most of whom are looking for a new way to approach business. This course is a must for anyone who wants to “build the new” or who is interested in redefining what success looks, and more importantly, feels like.

What's going on with your business now? What exciting things are happening for you in late 2019 and heading into 2020?

Lots! Double Denim has undertaken the most comprehensive study into the economic and emotional lives of NZ and Australian women, successfully pitched for and won two political campaigns, launched a movie that smashed all of the previously set box office records, taken a power company from a startup to a mainstream brand by focusing on the female customer, launched an app to get kids into nature, changed the drinking culture of a wine and food festival, helped the women of New Zealand get equal pay, launched social media campaigns for some of NZ’s biggest brands, disrupted the superannuation market in Australia, rebranded the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, and helped changed both the government and the name of our capital city. At the moment we are working on our own festival and the Ace Lady Network weekly news is going strong.


Find Ange’s work on the Double Denim website and Instagram, and on the Ace Lady Network website.

Join women around the world building businesses that make our planet a better place this September in Concepts & Conception. C&C is an 8-week incubator for anyone wanting to birth a new business, or a new way of being in business, founded on feminine and feminist principles. School starts September 24th. Registration closes on the 17th. LEARN MORE & REGISTER.

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