it wants to be free

live VIDEO call-in advice SHOW
OCTOBER 12, 19, 26 @ 11 A.M. PDT


This October, we are harnessing the power of Instagram Live to bring you It Wants to Be Free, a call-in advice show about the challenges and considerations of feminist entrepreneurship.

Every Friday morning from 11 to 11:30-ish a.m. PDT, Jenn Armbrust will beam into your phone via video to offer free advice on the burning business questions of our guest callers. Our discussions will always be grounded in entrepreneurship, but beyond that, the topics will vary widely. The short, 30-minute format will foster immediacy, intuition, and experimentation on the part of both the host and caller.

“It Wants to Be Free” was originally a briefly-lived advice blog created by Armbrust in 2012. It was developed concurrent with Free Advice, a performance piece wherein she would sit in an art gallery for 3-hour increments and offer intuitive advice on any topic brought by the gallery guests. Free Advice was preformed from 2010 to 2014, and proved to be powerful training ground for her work at Sister. We are excited to revive the spirit of these two projects this month.

To watch the live show, follow us on Instagram, That’s also the best way receive reminders and announcements leading up to the events. For those who cannot attend the live shows, we plan to post recordings of the sessions right here, on this webpage afterwards. Check back within 24-hours of the taping.


What is a call-in show without callers? Whether you are a baby entrepreneur or battle-hardened business owner, we invite you to be a live guest on our show. Bring your queries and they will be answered. Or, if we don’t know the answers, we’ll improvise!

Think about what’s troubling you most right now in your business. Where are you stuck? What’s not working? Where are you needing more information? What’s making you unhappy or unfulfilled? What if you had support or real solutions to help you on your journey? What if it was freeee?

The dream can be real.