What if your business supported your body? What if could access a feeling of groundedness, even in difficult situations? What if you enjoyed your body more at work? What if you felt comfortable owning your personal space and using your voice? What if you knew how to harness your power of abundance? What if you learned that you don’t have to work so hard to survive?

How would that change your workday? 
How would that change your business? 
How would that change your life?

This 3-month practice group is designed to guide you in becoming more present and attuned to your body so that you can experience a deeper level of support in your business. When we show up to work, many of us leave our body's needs at the door. In this class we will develop new practices that you can integrate into your workday (and your life) to help you cultivate more ease, confidence, nourishment, and enjoyment within your business.

The group will meet twice a month through online video to explore and access the resources and support of our bodies. Each two-hour class is a mixture of gentle movement, useful information, reflection, and group sharing centered around a theme.

1. Pleasure Lives in the Body
2. Staying Grounded
3. Letting it be Easy
4. Building a Body-Loving Business
5. Cultivating Inner Abundance
6. Using Your Voice

Participants are encouraged to adopt a daily practice for the duration of the course, developing new workday habits as we go along. You will also meet regularly with a partner for added support. Every class is accompanied by a handout to guide your practice.

• 6 online classes. 
• Corresponding PDF handout for each class. 
• Access to video recordings for 6 months.

Classes are held on Thursdays from 11am to 1pm (PDT) 


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