I recommend procuring a dedicated notebook for your process. Use it for journaling and keep it with you throughout our consulting journey to log insights, ideas, and questions as they arise.

In your first consulting session, I learn about your business successes and stumbling blocks. I use this information to guide our future work together. To help me understand where you are, please complete the following journaling assignments before we meet. Don't edit, censor, or overthink it—just write the first thing that comes to mind. These will take 2-3 hours. Bring your writings to your session.

✳︎ Describe your business (or business idea) in one paragraph.
✳︎ What's working? (What's smooth and easy? What's going well and feels good?)
✳︎ What's not working? (Where are you stuck? What do you dislike or want to change? What's out of alignment?)

✳︎ Write your vision for yourself and your business in 2 years. 
✳︎ What does your life look like? What does your business look like? What do you want?

✳︎ Write your vision for yourself and your business in 5 years. 
✳︎ What does your life look like? What does your business look like? What do you want?

✳︎ Review what you have written. What did you learn? Are there any surprises or unexpected insights?

✳︎ What do you want to get out of our consulting work together? What would make this a success? Write down 3 things.


  • Write down the 3 topics you want to discuss in your session. Be as specific as possible.
  • Gather any homework or materials since our last session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, clear some floor space, drink water and take a few breaths to center yourself. 




  • Stay present in your body. It's more important to let ideas integrate than to worry about writing everything down. If you are present in your body, you won't forget what's important.
  • Trust your intuition. Entertain all possibilities. If you have an eccentric idea or unexpected synchronicity, don’t ignore it—share it.
  • If something you hear doesn’t resonate with you, trust yourself. Take what's useful and leave the rest.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, misunderstood or frustrated, speak up.


Immediately after your consulting session, spend 30 minutes journaling in your notebook or go for a walk to allow yourself to integrate.

  • What ideas emerged?
  • What excited and inspired you?
  • When did you feel resistance, fear or frustration? 
  • What *clicked* or revealed itself?
  • If you have more clarity around your vision and what you need to do, write down your intentions and next steps.
  • Remember—if you ask the question, you will get the answer. Write your questions down (even the big, foreboding ones). Allow the answers to arrive in their own time.