The Feminine Economics Department a.k.a. The Sisterhood

The Feminine Economics Department a.k.a. The Sisterhood

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October 2 to December 21, 2018

The Feminine Economics Department (a.k.a The Sisterhood) is a co-learning community for the study and application of the principles of the Feminine Economy. We will come together online for 3 months to ask questions, experiment with new practices, share resources, and grow our critical consciousness in the areas of economic theory, business finance, and our relationship to money.

We are all teachers, we are all learners. Together, we will increase our economic literacy and expand our critical consciousness as we develop financially stable businesses and make the Feminine Economy real.


The community is housed in a private website. Sister will guide the conversation, set the monthly themes, and keep the community connected with our purpose. We will respond to the real-world concerns of our members, host live video events, and facilitate critical thinking through our own writings, reading suggestions, provocative questions, and resource shares. Your role, as a member of The Sisterhood, is to likewise be contributing your thinking, readings, writings, experiments, analysis, and insights in posts and discussions. Members have the ability to create posts, ask questions, comment, chat, and share resources. Together, we will create a framework for the Feminine Economy as we innovate new practices.


This community is for entrepreneurs who have been in business at least three years and are already doing the work of cultivating business practices in alignment with their values. You are ready to be in community with other conscious, curious, questioning, creative, business owners. You are passionate about learning and new ideas: you read books and articles, watch online talks, attend lectures, have at least a basic grasp of feminist theory, and care about politics. You are ready to dive in and contribute your ideas and insights. 

This is not the place for passive consumers who want to be spoon-fed answers on "how-to" business. It is also not for those just getting started and needing help with business basics.


We propose to focus on one or two of the following areas of inquiry per month (final selections will be based on the members’ input):

● Profit: What is it, how to get it, what to do with it, do we even want it?

● Economic Theory: What is Capitalism? What is Socialism? Why does it matter?

● Business Structure & Finance: What systems support stable growth? What conventional business wisdom needs feminist critique?

● Money & Mysticism: What is money? What is abundance? What is our relationship to it? How can we find more freedom and facility with our finances?
● Feminist Literacy: What can we learn from feminist scholarship about economics, money, power, embodiment, structural systems, social change, and revolutionary movements?

● Feminine-ism: What is fourth wave feminism and how can a deeper understanding of the feminine archetype support us in making new business models?
● Embodiment, Ecosystems, & Ease: Dismantling the meritocracy & creating sustaining practices that support the fulfillment of needs.

● Antiracist Business Practices: How does systemic racism get replicated in business? What can we do to transmute this?

● Wealth Distribution: What unique responsibilities and opportunities do we have as entrepreneurs?


● 24-hour access to the private, online community.
● Mobile app for community access on the go.
● 6 - Hydration Happy Hours (group live video)
● 5 - Nourish! Lunchtime Sessions (group live video)
● New friends, amazing resources, powerful business tools, and original content on Feminine Economics and feminist entrepreneurship.
● 2 Feminine Economy Prints & 12 Principles Pocket Cards

Learn more about the Feminine Economics Dept.
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F.A.Q. page for answers to common questions.

$1050 for 3 months

Option to pay in three monthly installments of $350.
If you choose the installment plan, we will charge a card on-file on November 1st and December 1st.)

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