Feminist Business School: Visions & Values

Feminist Business School: Visions & Values


Spring/Summer 2019

A business is a home—a place of pleasure and play, purpose and meaning, integration and embodiment. A place where needs are fulfilled and you can enjoy a sense of ease, efficacy, and agency. Your business exists to support you. You, in turn, support it, and it supports others. This cyclical nourishment is the foundation of a sustainable business and a healthy economy. 

All too often, entrepreneurs forget this, unquestioningly adopting others' business structures, practices, and values as their own and then finding themselves depressed, depleted, and dispirited as their needs and purpose go unfulfilled. If you are running a business that doesn’t nourish you (emotionally/creatively/financially), chances are, you are missing the bigger vision, one that synthesizes your values, needs, pleasures, talents, and greater contribution to the world. 

In Visions & Values we engage the radical imagination as you envision a business that embodies your beliefs, enlivens your purpose, and fulfills yours' and others' deep needs. This 12-Week course centers around the cultivation of your Vision Handbook. We will journey together into the realm of alchemy, pleasure, possibilities, and magic as you develop an integrated vision for your business ecosystem. Through this creative process, you will gain clear language around the what and the why of your business. You will cultivate a picture of growth and bring your purpose and pleasures to the fore. You will undertake an inventory of your values, needs, talents, and resources as you gain clarity around your central offer and greatest social impact. You will also gain valuable language to use in your marketing and communications. Your completed Handbook serves as a foundational document for your business, housing the values and vision that will shape your business systems and practices for years to come.

Every week you will be provided materials and activities around a theme. Through writing and ritual you will gather insights and information to compile in your Vision Handbook. As you hone your visionary abilities, you will simultaneously reconnect with your purpose and identify the larger social impact you want to make through your business. You will learn the process of creative alchemy, cultivate a healthy and mutually-supportive relationship with your business, and hone the skill of discernment. The visioning process you will learn in this class can be repeated over and over, anytime you’re ready to grow your business in a fundamental way. 

1. Introduction to Business Alchemy
2. Being In-Relationship With Your Business
3. Gathering The Elements of Your Business
4. You Are Your Own Greatest Resource
5. Integration Week
6. Cultivating a Radical Vision: Purpose, Pleasure & Potential
7. Can a Business Be Feminist?
8. Can a Business Be Anti-Racist?
9. The Fulfillment of Needs
10. Purpose & Products
11. Interdependency: Your Business Ecosystem
12. Entrepreneurial Alchemy: Gathering Your Resources, Synthesizing Your Vision

This course is designed for entrepreneurs ready to envision a new way of being in business, founded on feminine and feminist principles. If you have been in business for a while and are feeling bored, stuck, burned out, or ready to have a greater social impact, V&V will give you the tools to re-imagine your core offer, reconnect with your purpose, or reposition your entire business. If you are new to business or working as a solopreneur, you will need to complete Concepts & Conception, before enrolling in Visions & Values.

Participants should expect to devote 3 hours to class each week. You will also meet regularly with a small cohort via phone or video to support your process.

• 12-week online course, housed in a community platform.
• Vision Handbook worksheets and template. 
• 4 90-minute live video classes. (Weeks 3, 6, 8, 11) 
• Online group discussions with other students. 
• Access to online materials for 9 months after the course. 
• Business Birthing Handbook (PDF)

Limited to 20 students. 


This class will be offered next in 2019. If you would like to be notified when we open registration, please join our waitlist.

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