Proposals Reading Companion

Proposals Reading Companion


This 17-page printable PDF is packed with reading prompts, reflection questions, and fun worksheets to help you explore the ideas in Proposals for the Feminine Economy. This reading companion offers extra insight into the book’s core concepts as well as suggestions for how to read with friends and bring these ideas into your work or business.

This reading companion is designed to be used:
✷  As you read The Proposals.
✷  After you read The Proposals.
✷ By yourself.
✷  With your business besties.
✷  With your employees/team.
✷  Whatever works for you! 

The reading companion gives you prompts and engaging activities for 7 key themes in the book—
1.  Getting Grounded
2. Feminine-ism
3. The Feminine Economy
4. Let’s Talk About Capitalism
5. Feminist Entrepreneurship
6. Money, Honey
7. The 12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business

An essential guide for anyone wanting to bring their principles into practice and make the Feminine Economy real. We give you the tools to start a Book Babes book club or go deeper with the ideas on your own.

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*If you will be sharing this PDF with more than 3 people,
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