New Year New Rules

New Year New Rules


January - December 2019

LET’S GET FREE! 2019 is the year to stop living by others’ rules and start living by your own. I created the 12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business to give us a framework for writing a new set of business rules. I’m going to spend the next 12 months exploring each principle and I invite you to join me.

New Year New Rules is a year-long subscription for entrepreneurs who want to break the old rules and make new ones in 2019. Each month, you will receive a trove of writings, resources, and activities, to support you in working with the 12 Principles as you draft your own guiding rules for business.


1. You have a body. 
2. You are connected to the earth, the plants, and all living beings. 
3. Integrate
4. Institutionalize empathy: build frameworks that support feelings. 
5. Embody your values. 
6. Reclaim happiness: make new definitions of success. 
7. Consider everything an experiment. 
8. Free yourself from the myth of the meritocracy. 
9. Tell the truth. 
10. Cultivate abundance consciousness. 
11. A business can be a healing for yourself & others. 
12. A business can be a model for a new social & economic order.

Your membership includes a printed copy of the 12 Principles Workbook and 2 monthly emails filled with resources for feminist entrepreneurship. The workbook contains activities for each of the twelve principles, guiding you to translate your ideas (and ideals) into action. On the first Thursday of every month, you will receive a new piece of writing by me (Jenn Armbrust!) framing the month’s Principle, as well as instructions for the corresponding workbook activity, delivered directly to your inbox. On the third Thursday of the month, you’ll get a Tools & Treasures email filled with resources relating to the month’s theme—such as articles, videos, links, book recommendations, visualizations, and creative activities.


The materials will guide you in bringing your business practices into alignment with your values, as you develop a feminist framework for entrepreneurship. As the months progress, you will feel more confident, courageous, clear, and connected with your purpose. At the end of the year, you will write your own rules to live and work by, a formal document to guide your company internally, and to share with your customers and clients.

When we stop playing by others' rules and start writing our own, we are truly living in our integrity. When we become our own leaders, and create business practices aligned with our principles, we are more energized, effective, and empowered.

Membership Includes—

• 12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business Workbook
• 24 emails filled with writings, resources & activities. 
• Set of 12 Principles Pocket Cards

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Note—Please allow two weeks for delivery of the 12 Principles Workbook (three weeks for International). Workbooks ship via USPS First Class Mail. Prices do not include Workbook shipping fees & applicable taxes. These will be added at checkout.

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