Feminist Business School: Better Together

Feminist Business School: Better Together



Whether you have been in business for years, or are just toeing in, you know that the entrepreneurial journey can be lonely and isolating at times. But you, business boss, are not alone. You are in-relationship with your business.

Let me put this another way—
You are not your business.
Your business is not you.
Your business has its own distinct identity, its own unique spirit.
You and your business are in a relationship.

So, what kind of relationship have you unknowingly been in? Is it loving? Punishing? Playful? Collaborative? What kind of relationship would you like to have with your business?

In this 7-day relationship retreat, you will meet the spirit of your business and begin cultivating a healthy partnership together. Remember how much fun it is to be newly in-love? We’ll harness that colorful, energizing sweetheart magic and bring it into your business relationship. We’ll use the creative tools of tarot, guided visualization, love-letter writing, journaling, and more to help you develop a lasting bond with your business.

Every day, for seven days, you will receive an email with a fun activity to guide you in nourishing a collaborative partnership with your business. Over the course of the retreat, you will develop a deep, spiritual connection with your business. You’ll learn to communicate with your business and work with it as one of your guides. You’ll also develop a daily habit of checking-in on the trifecta of needs as you lay the foundation for a happy and healthy LTR. (BTW, a business LTR is not only emotionally fulfilling, but financially fulfilling as well. BOOM!)

If you are already in-business, this retreat will give you a newfound sense of support, inspiration, and confidence. If you are brand new to business (or just beginning to consider entrepreneurship) this retreat will help call your business in and provide you clarity on your path.

And to think, all this time you believed you were alone.

your own tarot deck, magic markers, a notebook that will fit in your bag, a playful spirit, and an open heart.

WE SUPPLY: 7 daily emails to guide your relationship retreat, more magic, as well as tools you can keep and use to nurture your business relationship, even after the retreat is over.

Start anytime and work at your own pace! We’ll send you the a Welcome email within two business days and 7 subsequent daily emails after that.

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