feminist business COACHING 

One-on-one consulting provides clarity, support, and guidance for entrepreneurs and executives who want to engage feminine and feminist principles in their business practices. Our approach is an alchemy of scholastic and experiential knowledge, observational insights, resource referrals, intuitive guidance, and collaborative thinking. We also use embodiment practices—visualizations and gentle movement—to help you reconnect with inner resources and move through blockages and fears, so you can experience more clarity, ease, enjoyment and efficacy in your business. 

We guide you through a process of assessment, alchemy, synthesis and strategy. First, we look at what’s working and not working and outline your short and long-term goals. Using a variety of diagnostic tools that emphasize feminist values, we use the first two sessions to assess a

We develop structures and solutions that align with your values and support healthy growth. Over the three months, you will feel more grounded, confident, supported, present and playful, enabling you to be more radical and visionary in your business.



“Jenn's work is real. Really damn real. I had been seeking a business coach for a long time, but it wasn't until I came across Sister that I felt a connection. The consistency of the message about listening to my body, trusting myself, my intuition, my imagination, have been utterly transformative to me, in the way I approach my work, my business, my relationships, and my whole life.”
—Beth Maiden, Little Red Tarot



We accept a very limited number of consulting clients on a quarterly basis. Clients commit to 2 or 3 sessions per month, for three months. Embodied Business Consulting is designed for leaders of companies with under $500k in annual revenue. If you have a larger business and are interested in our Corporate Consulting services, please email us for rates and info.

We are currently accepting new clients for Spring 2019. Pricing and additional information in the application.